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History of changes

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10.28: (17 Feb 2020)

about_24_h New entry point tag to get text height of a multi-lines text

about_24_h New keyword in the <CHART> tag, specifies the format of the values in the chart and the Y-Axis

about_24_habout_24_habout_24_h , an amazing template to build sophisticated lists and reports

about_24_h , and can now be drawn in a frame:
      New additional syntax: <RECT@FRAME#1> or <FILLRECT@FRAME#1> draw a rectangle for the frame #1

about_24_h New option for the tag, the copy of a frame:
               <FRAME#2=FRAME#1> defines the frame #2 with the same coordinates as frame #1.

      Shifts or resizing can be applied

               <FRAME#2=FRAME#1 [,Txx] [,Rxx] [,Lxx] [,Bxx].... >

                                             T=top, B=bottom, R=right, L = left

about_24_h are now exportable and/or printable with the !EXPORT new option

10.27: (20 jan 2020)

about_24_h vpxPrint is now available with a SaaS environment, additional information will be available shortly,

about_24_h new are available, more than 80 new barcode types have been added.

vpxPrint uses different components to provide with the most important barcode library. As we also use zint (zint is an open-source project, Copyright (c) 2016 Robin Stuart), more info is available at, we are proud to open a wide range of new barcodes.

about_24_h new restUser utility, download it from


10.26: (12 dec 2019)

o10.26d: (19 dec 2019)

about_24_h tag is now sensitive to alignments:

If a <CENTER> or <RIGHT> is set before an image tag, the image is centered or right justified within the image frame


o10.26c: (18 dec 2019)

about_24_h Sending mail in text format generates a message in HTML format if Outlook uses this default setting.

Seems to occur with recent versions of Outlook. Fixed


o10.26b: (16 dec 2019)

about_24_h Modfications of the tag:

oNew attributes XAXIS and YAXIS,


oNew attribute SHOWVALUE#

about_24_h Display adaptation for the dialog boxes (print & export) on small screens: they open centered if there is no enough space


about_24_h The new tag applies a Windows style to the vpxPrint preview window

about_24_h Escape key closes the Export window

about_24_h The Export window opens just below the Export button

about_24_h New ergonomic for the Active-X


10.25: (13 sept 2019)


o10.25g: (23 nov 2019)

about_24_h The new tag displays a shadow on and

about_24_h Enhanced corner syntax to get a precise adjustment of the corners of and tags.

about_24_h warning_24 Breaking change in the for the image files.

The export file names "Image9999.suffix" is modified for single page exports to "Image.suffix" without the sequence string.



o10.25f: (15 nov 2019)

warning_24 Oriented texts do not display at the right place in PDF files, fixed.

wPDF400A.dll, wPDF400W.dll in c:/windows/sysWow64 and wPDF400W64.dll in c:/windows/system32 are affected, Be sure to have these new versions installed.

In case of doubt, there is a copy of these files in <//install dir//>/sysWow64 and <//install dir//>/system32




o10.25e: (15 nov 2019)

about_24_h Individual passwords when exporting multiple PDF files in a single run.

about_24_h Folders win32 and win64 in the installation directory are now sysWow64 and system32.


o10.25d: (4 nov 2019)

about_24_h Additional illustrations and examples in the help file

about_24_h vpxPrint brings now the printer dialog boxes and main screen to the front of view when needed. This is more friendly for the users than using the Windows ALT-TAB when other windows overlap the preview screen when.

about_24_h New tag tag opens Excel once the .xls file is created

about_24_h Better information in case of wrong installation of the PDF plugin. vpxPrint displayed "file in use" instead of the real cause of the problem.


Other minor enhancements...


o10.25c: (14 oct 2019)

about_24_h Under certain circumstances, a bad maintenance expiry date is displayed in the "About" window. Fixed.


o10.25b: (23 sept 2019)

about_24_h Improved processing of collating, specifically in duplex modes. The printer dialog box now always opens with collate option checked by default instead of the Windows setting which may confuse the user.


o10.25: (13 sept 2019)

about_24_h More info in the "about" window,

warning_24 vpxPrint crash when multiple backgrounds are created with the same name. Fixed


10.24: (2019-06-20)

about_24_h New tag  allows objects to be put in the foreground of the pages. Multiple named foregrounds can be defined and displayed on a page basis with the tag.


10.23: (2019-05-29)

about_24_h  enhancement with new functions setResolution() and getResolution().

Examples: setResolution(600).

dpi = getResolution().

setResolution(0)         resets the current resolution to the default printer resolution.

about_24_h "About" window enhancement:  information about the license.


10.22: (06-27-2018)

about_24_h Small rectangles with round corners display more finely,

about_24_h Different updates for the new Designer,

about_24_h New symbology "GS1-128".

10.22c: (10-30-2018)

warning_24 In some cases, the pageCount() DLL function does not return the number of pages. Fixed.

10.22d: (01-20-2019)

about_24_h Adobe Reader does not lock the PDF files when opened within Microsoft Edge. vpxPrint now checks this situation before creating PDF files.

warning_24 Invalid mail addresses could generate a Microsoft Outlook crash. Fixed.

10.22e: (02-03-2019)

about_24_h now allow to use any type of variables and decimal calculation.

It is now possible to write [@Value=10]



and use that with expressions like:


10.22f: (02-21-2019)

about_24_h Some internal adjustments for the Designer.

10.22g: (2019-03-04)

warning_24 warning_24 BUG when printing if multiple backgrounds are defined. Fixed.

10.22h: (13 March 2019)

about_24_h Two new parameters for the command line of vpxPrint.exe:

"-PREVIEW"          forces the preview even if no <PREVIEW> exists in the .xpr

"-NOPREVIEW"     skips the screen preview even if <PREVIEW> exists in the .xpr

about_24_h In a <PDF-OUTPUT=xxxxxxx.pdf>, you can insert a "%temp%" to write the file in the Windows temp directory

warning_24 WARNING: New version of PDF engine, be sure to install the new dll's wPDFxxxx in the windows system directories (syswow64 and system32) if you upgrade in a manual way.

10.22i: (2019-04-03)

warning_24 Incomplete mssage when <MAILBODY> has a size greater than 9999 characters. Fixed

10.22j: (2019-05-02)

about_24_h Better handling of the print spooler restart after it shutdowns.

      Adding documentation for return status code


10.20: (03-20-2018)

warning_24 Installation procedure may hang when installing the debug plugin. Fixed.

10.20b: (04-03-2018)

warning_24 Bad display of search strings, search does not work as expected with the viewer. Fixed.

10.20c: (04-16-2018)

warning_24 With some versions of Outlook, the sending of mails with vpxPrint was not correct if Outlook was not running before sending. Fixed.

about_24_h 4GL web site is now secured

about_24_h Set Outlook window is now always displayed in front of view when sending an email.

10.20d: (04-25-2018)

about_24_h Ghostscript resolution has been increased to 300dpi to get a better aspect when importing PDF pages as images.

10.20e: (05-09-2018)

about_24_h More flexibility with the <utf-8> tag:

The tag is intended to specify that the xpr file is a UTF-8 file without a BOM. It could be sometimes difficult to manage the different settings like OUTPUT, cpstream and other PROGRESS parameters.

vpxPrint does now extended checking and detects if the <UTF-8> tag is set on a true UTF file.

If not, it automatically defaults to ANSI.


10.19 10.18: (12-01-2017)

about_24_h New feature to . The values will be encrypted from the program and never exposed in a text readable file. Be ready to conform to GDPR regulations.

warning_24 Outlook BUG fix: due to this a Microsoft problem, Office 365 Outlook screen is displayed with shifted input fields.

If you are facing this problem, create a file named "Outlook.BUG" in the path and vpxPrint will solve the problem.

This workaround has a side-effect, the mail is always saved, even if the mail is not sent. Thanks to Pierre-Luc Caron.

10.19.5: (01-11-2018)

warning_24 <PREVIEW=PDF> was not working under certain circumstances. First version 10.18. Fixed.

warning_24 Merging files with PDFSAM may not work. New problem appeared recently, probably due to some Windows update.

10.19.8: (02-05-2018)

warning_24 warning_24warning_24 with PDF files or merging PDF files with did not work as expected. Fixed.

about_24_h Better handling of multiple monitors configurations.


10.17: (08-28-2017)


about_24_h Starting with the version 10.17, xprint.dll and vpxprint.exe accept a web address file name like "", (the http or https prefix is mandatory) as parameter. That allows creating xpr files on a web server and use them transparently in local applications.

Try it


10.17.1: (09-22-2017)

Info and exit buttons were not displayed in the 64bit viewer, the first time that the preview is displayed. Fixed

Problem with orientation change in <PRINT=DIRECT> mode. Fixed.

10.17.2: (09-26-2017) warning_24

New entry point getWidth() (introduced in 10.16++++) was conflicting with Progress ADM2. Renamed to . Use the new xprint.i.

10.17.3: (09-27-2017) warning_24

Problem in drawArray() procedure. Fixed.

10.17.4-5: (11-07-2017)

about_24_h New tag to set the code page for ANSI files.

about_24_h Excel export. if you use xpr files to create Excel files only, speed up the process by using


10.16: (10-05-2017)

about_24_h is available as an additional plugin.

Better quality for images in PDF

did not work as expected when outside of a frame. Fixed.

10.16++++ (07/08/2017)

about_24_h previews the background(s) on the screen but does not print them. Useful with preprinted forms.

about_24_h A new dll vpxWait.dll is now available in the vpxPrint system. The entry point calls any external procedure and waits for the process to terminate.
It runs like the (same parameters apply), but does not need the xprint.dll to be loaded, generating less overhead. Combined with about_24_h vpxCall.exe (see below), it allows to run xPrint dll in a separate process.
xprint.i has been updated to keep track of this new function.

about_24_h vpxCall.exe is a new executable to run the xprint.dll.
As it calls the native dll, you can use it as a replacement of vpxprint.exe if you need to create PDF or external files when clicking on a file from within a Windows Explorer window. Additional keywords -DELETE and -RECYCLE allow to delete or send the file to the recycle bin respectively, after processing the file.


vpxCall vpxPrint_filename_and_parameters

[ -DELETE ] [ -RECYCLE ]  [ -LOG=logFile_name ]

Combined with WaitFor():
            RUN WaitFor("vpxCall.exe", filename, "", 1, ReturnValue).

(the parameters, if any, must be appended to the file name : filename + " -RECYCLE")

it can replace a call to printfile(), allowing to run xprint.dll in a separate memory context.

warning_24 Breaking change: has been moved to a new separate dll, vpxRTF.dll. This dll should be deployed if you use the convertRTF() function.
xprint.i has been updated but you need to recompile your PROGRESS programs with the new xprint.i

about_24_h New entry points in xprint.dll, and . They return the length in inches or millimeters but don't refer to a printer.


10.15: (07-04-2017)

Different enhancements.

about_24_h New preview design.

When printing a selection of pages in duplex mode, incorrect result may occur (fixed).

about_24_h New parameter "EXACT" in the tag.

about_24_h New tags (Save font) (restore font) and (suppress all attributes of font and reset the color to black)

about_24_h vpxPrint is now interfaced with GhostScript which is installed under GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL). More info at You only need to install GhostScript in some rare cases, if you want to insert PDF pages from external files and if our internal PDFtoJPG program does not success to convert correctly those external files.


10.14: (01-04-2017)

about_24_h Enhancements in the vpxPrint startup time

about_24_h New entry points in { xprint.i}

loadInMemory: loads the dll in memory. That allows to load the dll in the application procedure instead of waiting for the first printFile().

new Progress function vpxVersion, more easy to use:

xVersion = vpxVersion.

                                                -->   returns a string (DEF VAR xVersion AS CHAR).

about_24_h New IMAGE engine when used to display a PDF image file.


10.13: (20-03-2017)

allows now long file names as output,

about_24_h New allows partial opacity of rectangles,

about_24_h opens the PDF files when created.

Bug fixes:

did not handle the , fixed.

<BACKGROUND> with mixed different formats (LANDSCAPE/PORTRAIT>) was not always correct. Fixed.

Problems may occur with incorrect name values for color tags (FGCOLOR, BGCOLOR or LINECOLOR). Fixed.


10.12: (01-17-2017)

about_24_h Enhancements to and . <ELLIPSE)> allows now a transparent background and <RECT)> a rectangle with rounded corners.

("xprint.lng" or other .lng files) are now searched in the sysWoW64 or system32 before the working folder or the execution directory. An enhanced search sequence has been implemented.

10.12b: (01-23-2017)

about_24_h New parameter file. We recently discovered that some printers drivers could print differently, depending on elements or settings external to vpxPrint. The same printer with the same settings printed differently with Windows 10 and Windows 7 (the manufacturer accepted the fact that the driver was faulty but as it seemed difficult to get a quick and efficient answer from this well renowned company, we decided to solve the problem by ourselves).

file allows to set any horizontal or vertical shift to the page when printed.

10.12d: (02-08-2017)

Some work in the <PRINTER> tag area, if no default printer is specified but a <PRINTER> tag is in the file. Can be a regressive bug since version 10.10r which introduced the deferred open of the printer.

10.12d1: (02-08-2017)

If an error occurs at the beginning of a file processing, the printFileStat() returns an error code and the is set as "Mail Error", instead of displaying an error dialog box.


10.11: (10-31-2016)

about_24_h New mail tags: , and . These tags are available with Outlook interface and allow to set the Outlook/Exchange account and/or the senders email address. MailSilent disables the alert boxes when an error is reached, specifically useful with batch jobs.

10.11a: (11-02-2016)

about_24_h With multiple monitors, the preview window is opened on the active one.

10.11b/c/d: (12-12-2016)

about_24_h vpxPrint files can be encrypted and password protected. That prevents them being opened by someone not authorized.

New entry points in xPrint.i xCrypt and xUncrypt allow to encrypt and decrypt xpr files respectively. printXFile() is available to print such encrypted filed. A password is mandatory to open such files.

In 10.11d, a new entry point setPassword() is available to set a permanent password for a session. Then, opening a .xprX with printFile or printFileStat() decrypts the file with the specified password.

10.11e: (12-16-2016)

was not handled as expected. Fixed.

10.11f: (01-13-2017)

getLPI() function of vpxPrint returns incorrect values in 64bit mode. Fixed



about_24_h *NEW* Multiple page backgrounds and backgrounds management.
tag has been updated to define different backgrounds, images or part of pages. The new tag enables and/or disables those backgrounds on a page. A page can contain different backgrounds.
The rendering process is then very fast and less memory is used. Very larger files can be processed without problem if images are stored in background areas.


Maintenance version. vpxPrint 10.10a allows xSpool version 4.7 to create a log file when a problem occurs when processing a vpxPrint file.


An existing but faulty internet connection could switch vpxPrint to the shareware mode. Fixed.


about_24_h New keyword ShowValues in tag to suppress the floating legends.

o10.10e: (05-05-2016)

Update for UNICODE files. Better information if tag is set incorrectly.

o10.10f: (05-26-2016)

When a string contains [@ or [=@ and no ] is encountered, the bookmark is not evaluated as a bookmark and the string is not translated. This prevents some errors in coding when a such string exists in the file.

o10.10g: (06-05-2016)

about_24_h New "UCCEAN128"

o10.10h-i: (06-10-2016)

Under some circumstances, depending on the tags at the beginning of the xpr file (specifically a </...> tag), a blank page is inserted in front of the report. Fixed

o10.10j: (06-20-2016)

Ascii characters chr(9) didn't generate line-feeds in emails body since 10.8d. Fixed

o10.10k: (06-23-2016)

about_24_h If a tag is specified in the file it's not skipped by the file content. That allows to replace existing tags in the input file.

o10.10l: (06-23-2016)

If a </B>, </U>, </I>, or </K> is encountered in the input file and the printing is not yet initialized, an error message is displayed. Regressive bug appeared in 10.10i. Fixed

o10.10m: (07-06-2016)

Use of and file names containing a space was incorrect. Fixed

Relative file names in email attachments were not handled with some configurations. Fixed.

o10.10n: (07-10-2016)

A tag may be skipped depending on the previous tags. This should not occur if <PRINTER> tag is the first tag in the file (as specified in the printers chapter). A more detailed information has been added in the description. The previous versions of vpxPrint were more tolerant, even if the result was not correct. This version sends a warning in the debug file (if any) but accepts the situation.

o10.10o: (07-21-2016)

In some situations, the tag does not display the expected buttons in the ActiveX version. Fixed.

o10.10p: (07-27-2016)

Bad printers with some OS and batch procedures. *To be confirmed*

o   10.10p1-p2-p3:

- some adaptations to get more flexibility with systems with no default printer.

- when a bad type was specified in the tag, no warning was issued and EAN13 was selected as a default. The new default is 128B and a warning is displayed.

o10.10q: (08-04-2016)

vpPrint.exe hangs on various systems, First version 10.10p3

128B barcodes problem displaying the message "Barcode must be numeric". First release 10.10 g. Fixed

o10.10r: (09-12-2016)

Better handling of and <PRINTER>. No matter if the <LANDSCAPE> is before or after the <PRINTER> tag. The <PRINTER> tag is now delayed until the process of the page starts.

That allows to always get the exact number of pages, landscape, portrait or mix of landscape and portrait pages.

Skip the dialog-box message when a bad color setting (<BGCOLOR>, <FGCOLOR> etc...)



Excessive load time of vpxPrint modules was caused by one of the components that we used. The loading should be faster in 10.9


vpxPrint crash when invalid values are specified in <LPI> or <CPI>. Fixed


- The graphical subsystem of vpxPrint has been moved to vpxChart.dll. xPrint.dll has now a smaller size and will load faster. warning_24 The new dll's (32 and 64bit) should be deployed to use a tag.

about_24_h New demo program (vpxDemo10.w) with graphical examples.

Some temporary Excel files were not deleted at the end of process. Fixed.

Limit in size of Excel lines. Fixed.


Incorrect handling of links for , The link was opened two times. Fixed.

about_24_h New 'shareware' handling. If the product is not registered, a "DEMO" string appears on printed pages and PDF files, the preview appears as if the product is registered.

about_24_h Enhancements in Excel export. Existing Excel windows are not closed by vpxPrint when an export is done.


about_24_h Excel: when a cell is filled with numeric characters and + - signs like 111-222-333, vpxPrint exports now the cell as native with a standard format instead of a formula ="111-222-333".


Changes in the tag: vpxPrint keeps track of the toggle value set in the printer dialog box.


Tab characters had a side effects for PDF files, They appear with incorrect characters or black pages. Fixed

Incomplete description of FITW and FITT parameters of the tag.


about_24_h Enhancements in Excel multi-sheets export. More details on the


When a mail is displayed with Outlook and it's a long time (more than 5 minutes) before sending, Outlook does not return correctly the "onSend" event. That resulted in a bad return code in . This version fixes this Outlook bug.


For <LANDSCAPE> reports, if the first line in the input file contains a <#PAGES> tag, the total number of pages (<#PAGES>) has a wrong value (+1). Fixed


incorrect result since 10.8h. Fixed.



about_24_h When stand-alone (vpxprint.exe) preview windows are minimized in the task bar, it could be difficult or not possible to restore and/or close the window from the task bar. Fixed.

Crash with multiple in a single file. Fixed.

Added a mail return code. A new entry point has been added in the and a function added in .

about_24_h New entry point in the xprint.dll:

about_24_h New PROGRESS function in xprint.i:

about_24_h checks the mail return code and returns true if the condition is verified

o10.7c: bug when and are specified together. First release 10.6f. Fixed.

o10.7d-f: internal updates.

o10.7g: incomplete PDF export file in 64bit mode.Fixed.

o10.7h: Tif files may be incomplete under some circumstances. Fixed.

o10.7k: smaller overhead the first time that the dll is loaded in memory.




about_24_h Changing the bin with does not generate an extra Windows print job anymore.

fields are not printed if the page is not displayed in the preview. Fixed in 10.6c

about_24_h New example in the section.

Invalid tag processing. Fixed in 10.6d

Excel export did not support more than 26 columns (A to Z). Fixed in 10.6e


about_24_h now counts orientation changes with tags. The dll entry point and the are set accordingly. Improved rendering time. The rendering window has been updated to keep track of this modification and does not display the total pages if no reference to or a exists.




Value returned by the was incorrect. Fixed.
didn't set the CPI to the right value. Fixed.


Better handling of the text function. Better display of text.


about_24_h Live/File debug version. The debug system is now included in vpxPrint and should be used with the 4GL support only. The <DEBUG> tag is now available but the syntax is not documented.
The installation of the debug system is now an option in the vpxPrint installation procedure. There is no difference between the vpxPrint versions, simply a debug dispatcher is installed or not

o10.6k 10.6l:

PDFtoJPG update:

·a warning message was issued when the output directory did not exist.

·input files with spaces were not right processed.
This update concerns the tag too, when used to insert a PDF page.  


Crash when is specified. First release 10.6f. Fixed.

about_24_h and tags were not documented in the help file.



o areas were not correctly located in the screen preview. Fixed.

o Speed enhancements with numerous files export. A thread is created to build the images in the background.




ActiveX 'memory violation' in openFile() has been fixed.

In or justification, vpxPrint does not suppress extra spaces anymore if the write is done without a frame.


about_24_h A new tag indicates that the file is encoded in UTF-8 without BOM. The tag must be the first tag in the file.

about_24_h about ANSI and UTF encodings.

about_24_h New value for parameter : TYPE3  creates very compact type3 fonts.

PDF option has been upgraded to version 4.New  Dll are wPDF400A.dll, wPDF400W.dll (32bit) and wPDF400W64.dll (64bit)


Speed enhancement when important number of files are exported.


10.3: graphe3graphe2

about_24_h New graphical system to draw pies and charts. New tags and  

about_24_h New colors: add 'LT' or 'DK' before a increase or reduce the color luminosity.

about_24_h Any character except '0'..'9' can be used as delimiter in a color description.


about_24_h New keyword for Excel export: sets the value of the date delimiter, if different from the standard Windows setting.
Example: for "01.03.2015", <XLS-DELIM=.> specifies that day, month and year are delimited by a dot.

about_24_h  ""               ""         ""       indicates the format of the date in the report, if different from the standard Windows setting.
Examples: <XLS-DATE=mdy> or <XLS-DATE=dmy>

Message "Unable to load FreeImage64.dll" on some old Windows 64bit versions where MSVC runtime is not installed.


10.2:     Image00006F1

about_24_h New exciting feature, you can create Powerpoint files and/or the report with Powerpoint slide show engine.

about_24_h tag to assign PPT properties.

about_24_h New feature: vpxPrint accepts associated to function keys  or buttons in the preview window. New keywords for function keys, for adding buttons in the interface.
You can zoom, navigate, print, export, send a message, loop, ask a question and check the answer, etc.
Additionally, the tag has been modified to control the buttons to view or hide.

Excel files created with tag are not automatically opened.
They are opened only when created by clicking on the export button or if 'VISIBLE' is set in the tag.

about_24_h The file type (ANSI, UTF-8 or UTF-16) is displayed in the 'About box'.



about_24_h VisualStudio (Basic and C#)  and delphi_logo demo projects are provided. Help file has been updated.

about_24_h UNICODE version. Support of ANSI and UTF files.

vpxPrint accepts ANSI or UNICODE files as input.

about_24_h version x64

The dll or the ActiveX can be used from 64bit software,

about_24_h Display of the info 32/64 bit in the "About" window

about_24_h Enhancements in the 'About' window: when clicking on the "Tool" button, the paths sysWOW64 and system32 are displayed explicitly

about_24_h New chapter/discussion about the 64bit version in the help file

about_24_h The setup program is now digitally signed.

about_24_h closes the preview after a number of seconds without activity.

about_24_h sets the legend of a page in the thumbnail.

about_24_h Enhancements and fix to .

about_24_h Support of JPG, PNG and WMF files.

Problem to save image files from the clipboard: fixed.

about_24_h New preview mode, . The preview window is displayed without any system button, menu or title (except those created by tags, if any).
The preview window is then displayed like a "PowerPoint" window,

about_24_h tag has been enhanced and numerous new keywords have been added to format the cells.

about_24_h Excel files can be created automatically with the tag. Excel interface is faster than in version 9.

Asymmetric printers: better support for dot printers on <IMAGE> or <BARCODE> tags.

Better handling of write conflicts on PDF file. A message is issued when the file is in use.

If the user specified in the xprint.lic file is not equal to the tag, the report is closed without preview. The message can be set with the .

The appearance of the images in the preview window has been enhanced.


warning_24 Versions 7 and 8 are no more supported.



February 17th, 2020


Download name


(relative to )


Previous versions

about_24_h New options in the tag to open the preview window in normal mode instead of full-screen.

9.39a: the values of X,Y,W and H keywords of the <PREVIEW> tag are retained when window is reduced and the preview screen was displayed in full-screen mode.

9.39b: bug when "page=last" is specified. Fixed.

9.39c: issue. With different Windows versions, the setting of the java folder was not correct. Fixed.

about_24_h 9.39d: new API in xprint.dll. Runs a procedure and waits for the end of the process.
          xPrint.i has been modified to include this entry point.

about_24_h 9.39e: tag has been enhanced. vpxPrint searches now for:

othe first printer with the exact name,

oa printer with a name beginning by the value specified,

oa printer with a name including the value specified.

9.39f: incorrect handling of positions and sizes with the tag. Fixed.
         Zoom in/out with Ctrl-mousewheel actions.

warning_24 version 9.39h is the last maintenance version of version 9.


3rd Sept. 2014

about_24_h New tool . Converts PDF file pages to image files.

about_24_h now supports PDF files. New parameters has been added to interface vpxPrint with PDFtoJPG directly. Use this tag to insert PDF pages in a vpxPrint report.

9.38a: (feb., 27th 2014)

owith justified frames, under certain circumstances, the text was not flushed to the printer. Fixed.

oSearch did not work in Active-X. Fixed.

9.38b: Font size is not processed as expected in tag, Fixed



18th Feb. 2014

Modification to the option. Collate check box from the dialog box is no more processed. The printout is now collated (or not) depending on the value of the <COLLATE> tag only.
<COLLATE=TRUE> is the default value.

9.34a: problem for reports with no preview, <PRINTER?> and <X> tags. Fixed.

about_24_h 9.34b: API now returns number of lines of multi-lines strings.


4th Feb. 2014

about_24_h do not need an Internet connection any more. They now accept the ANGLE keyword and <BGCOLOR>, <FGCOLOR> tags.

Version 9.33a: Active-X did not support export as a text file. Fixed.


about_24_h New tag . This tag allows to set a background area to print in the background of the page. Three major benefits:

oCode simplification,

oLess memory is used and larger files can be processed,

oFaster rendering, the background is built only one time and not for each page.


Bad result when text does not fit in the area delimited by a tag. Fixed.

Bad result without parameter inside a frame (first release 9.31d). Fixed.




about_24_h New AND tags to print reports in black and white or color mode


mode has been updated, a new explanation is provided for <DUPLEX=NO> compared to no <DUPLEX> tag.


Under some circumstances, justified or centered texts near the end of file are not printed. Fixed


about_24_h New tag

PDF Split and Merge installation has been enhanced to keep track of 64bit and 32bit systems


When a range of pages was selected from within the <PRINTER> tag and no preview was done, the report was fully printed. Now vpxPrint keeps track of the users choice

about_24_h warning_24 The tag without the # syntax was dependent of the printer setting for resolution. vpxPrint, now, adjusts the image to the image resolution.



about_24_h new tag : when the users clicks the mail button, vpxPrint does not call the mail interface but returns to the user with a status 1,000,000 added to the return code. printFilestat() must be used. This is done to interface vpxPrint with your own mail program.

about_24_h new tag to skip the including of the report in the mail message.

vpxPrint now supports relative file names in the tag.





EXCEL export: new tag to define the decimal point character.

Update to the documentation: the point size defined by was called 'pitch'. <P> defines the point size of the font, not the pitch, as incorrectly specified.

about_24_h Multiple TIF files can be created by vpxPrint. Simply insert a new tag to start a new TIF file from the current page


Enhancements to PDF export:

inserts an existing PDF file in front of the current PDF

specifies how to open the PDF file, with thumbnails, outlines or in a full screen mode.


about_24_h A new concept for PDF files, the split and merge:
Two additional tags, and allow to manipulate the final PDF file.
Reorder pages, insert pages from any other PDF files, all is open!


Enhancements to justification modes :

about_24_h vpxPrint justifies lines smoothly, even if they contains changes in font, size or attributes,

about_24_h new tags and to


Performance enhancement on startup.


Final integration of CDO/MAPI support.

about_24_h Self client to interface with CDO/Exchange. New additional DLL vpMail.dll.

about_24_h New keyword in the mail interface


about_24_h Enhancements to the images transparency.

about_24_h Support of gif and png images.

about_24_h Support of transparency in PDF files.



Changes to the mail interface with CDO support.


about_24_h DATAMatrix barcodes can now be printed in a rectangle, not only in a square area, new keyword for DATAMATRIX barcodes.

about_24_h New tag to prevent vpxPrint to connect to Outlook.


about_24_h New tag . This tag allows to send a mail without the report content attached. vpxPrint can then be used to send standard mails.

Mails are now sent in OUTLOOK, MAPI session (OLE) or simple MAPI.


Changes to the email interface:

owhen canceling the Outlook dialog box (when <OUTLOOK> is specified), an exception is raised. Fixed.

oabout_24_h standard mail format is now HTML. This allows to include HTML tags within the body. This option is not available if Outlook is not installed.

oabout_24_h including HTML tags within a vpxPrint tag is not very easy, each < or > character must be replaced by \< and \>. We provide now a new function in xPrint.i to do the job. This function, escapeHTML(), converts any < or > into the corresponding vpxPrint values.
                          ('<html>My <b>first</b> message.</html>')

oabout_24_h new directive for outlook interface to get a receipt when the message is read.


Under some circumstances, when a form-feed is followed by an end-of-line (CR-LF), the page skip is ignored. Fixed.


about_24_h *NEW* you can ignore specific tags at run time with a xprint.ign file.


about_24_h Reports with multiple orientations generate a single Windows print job.

about_24_h A smooth replacement of _osprint.p is provided.


Problem with multiple bins in the same report. Fixed.

Compatibility problem with Fax format in TIFF files. Fixed.

Quality enhancements in BW TIFF files


Collate option does not work as expected since version 9.2. Fixed.

Duplex printer was not restored with default values in Active-X version. Fixed.


about_24_h *NEW* FAQ file at

When PDF file is created in the %TEMP% OS folder, it's deleted at the end of process. Fixed.


vpxPrint crash if no default printer is defined. Fixed. If no default printer is defined, one of the available printers is set as default.

about_24_h New entry point to retrieve the Windows default printer. xPrint.i has been updated to reflect this change.


about_24_h New entry point in the dll. Sets the Windows default printer. xPrint.i has been updated to reflect this change.

Bug with sensitive areas. Fixed.

Problem with multiple orientations in the same report. New in 9.10, fixed.


A new button has been added to the about box to display the search paths to xprint.lic. Click on the ? button in the preview window then on the info button located at the bottom of the about box.


<TOOLBAR> problem with Active-X. Fixed.

Bug with <PDF-OUTPUT> when specified at the beginning of the file. Fixed.

Non-symmetric printers problem. Fixed.

Bug with multiple TIF files in a single run. Fixed.

Problem with <FORMAT> tag, fixed.

Display of paper format and dimensions in the preview status area.

Additional license information is displayed in case of bad license level.

Reset value of Windows %PATH% environment variable after sending a mail. Possible problem with Terminal Server systems.

<PDF-OUTPUT> change. In case of duplicate file names, sections are appended and not overlaid.

Memory leak fix when exporting in TIF format.

Bitmaps are not displayed after an <EXPORT> tag. First version with problem 9.2. Fixed.

about_24_h New barcode type implementation

Escape characters \, and \= in values.

about_24_h New character sets added to <CHARSET> tag

Different styles can now be applied in preview window.

about_24_h New entry point getLastPrinter() to get the last printer used for the report. xPrint.i has been updated.

Enhancement to style,

PDF files now open without Thumbnails

about_24_h QRCode implementation





Version 9.1/9.2

Note that you should have a license file 'version 9' to use this version. This is true if your maintenance contract is active. If you don't have a such license please contact us for additional information.


Reports are always printed 'collated' except when <COLLATE> option is specified. Setting of the printer dialog box is ignored.

Preview window title now defaults to vpxPrint + version number + input file name.

Problem with <PDF=DIRECT>, fixed.

about_24_h new entry point convertRTF() to convert RTF strings to vpxPrint tags. "xPrint.i" file has been updated and includes this new entry point.

about_24_h Orientation change (<OPORTRAIT> <OLANDSCAPE>) does not generate different previews anymore. You can now change the page orientation within the same job.

when using sensitive areas in a file with different page orientations, result was incorrect. Fixed.

Sensitive areas were not exported in PDF reports. Fixed.

Active-X problem when switching from a file with sensitive areas to a file without sensitive areas. Fixed.

about_24_h New method GetSensitive for the Active-X implementation.

problem when clicking on the PDF export button with existing <PDF-OUTPUT>. Fixed

about_24_h new tag <LIC>  has been added to manage the license files.

in the Help window, the current license full path file name is displayed.

Introducing the new PDF engine, WPDF300A.dll (old one was wpdf200A.dll).

about_24_h New <PDF-OUTLINE> tag. It allows outlines in the PDF file,

about_24_h <PDF-OUTPUT> has been modified to allow the creation of multiple PDF files with a single vpxPrint file,

about_24_h Support of the PDF-A PDF files format. Tag <PDF-A>.

printFilestat() has been modified to avoid some errors.