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vpxPrint Reference Guide

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General description

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vpxPrint is a DLL created by 4GL for use with any programming languages like PROGRESS, VB, JAVA, DELPHI or C++. Any program able to call a DLL and create a text file can use vpxPrint.

In 2014, starting with version 10, vpxPrint has been extended to 64bit systems and Unicode files.


You will find a test program : vpxDemo10.w, to show some basic Progress examples.

Each vpxPrint license allows you to use the DLL or the ActiveX on a single site and a single server. If you have to distribute your application, you must have site run-time licenses (see the price list in the register section). A special license is needed for deployment of WEB applications like WEBCLIENT or WEBSPEED.


In May 2000, we began to propose vpxPrint on We used it successfully with our own customers and thought that it could be useful for other developers.


Today, thousands of users can see vpxPrint reports daily and we are very proud of that. Although we have no exact references about other products sales, vpxPrint is probably the most common printing software that PROGRESS developers use in the world. vpxPrint customers are located in more than 40 different countries:

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, England, Equator, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong-Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Italia, Luxembourg, Mexico, Monaco, Namibie, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Polynesia, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia Republic, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sri-Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, Venezuela, Yugoslavia…


Today, vpxPrint is a complete and powerful communication and documentation system.


No other software offers so flexible and numerous capabilities than vpxPrint: preview, PDF, Excel, TIF, mails, images, 2D barcodes and many many more.

vpxPrint has become a unique system. It is able to send mails or faxes, create image files of multiple formats or PDF on the fly, it can execute Windows commands, generate Excel or Powerpoint files, etc.


There is nothing he can't do such as his amazing ability to select pages from your own PDF files and  insert them into your editions or even rearrange the order of the pages of your documents!

Since the pages of a PDF file are considered as images, you can insert them into your documents as if they were standard images!

vpxPrint integrates intelligently within your software, all these functions run silently or not, for you.



We also designed xSpool, a great add-in, able to use  all functionalities of vpxPrint in a character environment (chUI).


We are always looking to provide the best and vpxPrint evolves with your needs and the users requests.

Our main goal is to offer what you need for your applications, we always try to find a solution to any of your requests.


We are very grateful to our users. Specifically to the very first ones, they trusted us and provided all the basis of the today software.

Remarks, comments and suggestions helped us to put vpxPrint in the way of meeting the needs of the developers community… and we hope to continue! Thank you to all of you.



Enjoy with vpxPrint,