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Standard V9 licenses

vpxPrint first license

495 euros

~US$ 674

vpxPrint additional license

350 euros

~US$ 476


One-year support contract.

-- download of any new sub-version of the current licensed version.

-- technical support

First license:

170 euros

~US$ 231

Additional license:

120 euros.

~US$ 160

PDF extension (per developer license)

- One developer

215 euros

~US$ 293

- Site license (up to 5 developers)

(mandatory for software companies)

860 euros

~US$ 1,170

vpxPrint licensing conditions

Only one license is needed per company and per server. Licenses are available for up to 50 individual PC on a server. If the number of users exceeds this limit, you must add users extensions (ask us).

First licenses (development licenses) for software companies are limited to ten (10) users.

650 euros

~US$ 842

420 euros

~US$ 544

120 euros

~US$ 160

Standard V10 licenses

vpxPrint first license

vpxPrint additional license

Run-time upgrade V9->V10 (*)

170 euros

~US$ 231

First licence upgrade V9->V10 (*)

(*)  Upgrades are available for licenses with a valid maintenance contract only

xEdit price list


  • A single license allows you to install and use xEdit on a single developer station.
  • The site license is available for any number of developers within a development team.
    This license allows to deploy xEdit :

- on the PCs of your network,

- if you are a VAR, on the PCs of your clients, bundled with your application.

Secured server shareIT! :

Single license on shareIT! (Nor allowed for VARs)

Site license on shareIT!


Download the register form and fax it to +33 4 88 04 93 41 or send it to

Single license:

450 EUROS H.T.

Site license:

900 EUROS H.T.

Ole4GL price list

Ole4GL single site

190 euros H.T.

Ole4GL deployment license

570 euros H.T.

The ‘single site’ version allows to install the OCX on any number of stations in a single site.

The deployment licence is needed to install the OCX on different sites without any limit. This version is mandatory for VARs.

Order on shareit!



First license

Run-time license

vpxPrint PDF plugin

One developer license

Site license


Single developer license

Site license