Version 10 key features.

  • UNICODE version.
  • Support of ANSI, UTF-8 and UTF-16 files.
  • vpxPrint accepts ANSI or UNICODE files as input.
  • 64bit version
  • The dll or the ActiveX can be used with 64bit software,
  • Display of the info 32/64 bit in the "About" window
  • Enhancements in the 'About' window: when clicking on the "Tool" button, the paths sysWOW64 and system32 are displayed explicitly
  • New chapter/discussion about the 64bit version in the help file
  • The setup program digitally signed.
  • <TIME-OUT> closes the preview after a number of seconds without activity.
  • <PAGENAME> sets the legend of a page in the thumbnail.
  • Enhancements and fixes to saveFromClipboard().
  • Support of JPG, PNG and WMF files.
  • New preview mode <PREVIEW=FULL>
  • The preview window is displayed without any system button, menu or title (except those created by <SENSITIVE>  tags).
  • The preview window is then displayed like a "PowerPoint" window.
  • <XLS> tag has been enhanced and supports numerous new keywords to format the cells.
  • Excel files can be created automatically with the <EXPORT> tag.
  • Excel interface is 4 to 10 times faster than in version 9.
  • Handling of write conflicts on PDF file. A message is issued when the file is in use.
  • Powerpoint export: create amazing presentations automatically from your reports
  • New graphical system to display 3D Charts and pies,
  • Macro-language and function keys,
  • Enhancements to the images appearance in the preview window.
  • Changes in orientation or bin do not generate a different Windows spool job
  • xpr files encrypting,
  • etc…

vpxPrint Key features

        Version 9 key features.

  • New options in the<PREVIEW> tag to open the preview window in normal mode instead of full-screen.
    The values of X,Y,W and H keywords of the <PREVIEW> tag are retained when window is reduced and the preview screen was displayed in full-screen mode.
  • Zoom in/out with Ctrl-mousewheel actions.
  • New tool PDFtoJPG converts PDF file pages to image files.
  • <IMAGE> now supports PDF files. New parameters has been added to interface vpxPrint with PDFtoJPG directly. Use this tag to insert PDF pages in a vpxPrint report.
  • GetTextWidth() API now returns number of lines of multi-lines strings.
  • QRCode barcodes do not need an Internet connection any more. They now accept the ANGLE keyword and <BGCOLOR>, <FGCOLOR> tags.
  • New tag <BACKGROUND>. This tag allows to set a background area to print in the background of the page.
  • <BW> and <COLOR> tags to print reports in black and white or color mode
  • The <IMAGE> tag without the # syntax was dependent of the printer setting for resolution. vpxPrint, now, adjusts the image to the image resolution.
  • New tag <MAILNONE>: when the users clicks the mail button, vpxPrint does not call the mail interface but returns to the user with a status 1,000,000 added to the return code. printFilestat() must be used. This is done to interface vpxPrint with your own mail program.
  • New tag <MAILNOFILE> to skip the including of the report in the mail message.
  • Multiple TIF files in a single run.
  • <PDF-MERGE> and <PDF-SEGMENT> to split, merge and rearrange the PDF output.
  • Enhancements to justification modes: vpxPrint justifies lines smoothly, even if they contains changes in font, size or attributes,
  • <INDENT> and </INDENT> to manage bullets and paragraphs

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